Fluid color mixing with Phoenix FD

by Hammer Chen

Phoenix FD allows you to mix the liquid with different RGB color, chocolate, and milk for example. Here are few steps you can follow:

1. Out Grid RGB Channel

2. Set two of your LiquidSrc with different RGB color. In this particular example, I set my milk LiquidSrc with black RGB color and white for chocolate.

3. We could use the RGB channel data as a mask for mixing two V-Ray materials with VRayBlend.

Material for milk

Material for chocolate

Using VRayBlend to blend the two materials above, the key is what texture we can use when mixing the two?

PhoenixFDTexmap is the answer. Pick up your Source node "PhoenixFDLiquid" in the scene, and set your Channel as "RGB."

This image is the mask generated by PhoenixFDTexmap.