Fruit explosion using Phoenix FD turbulence

by Hammer Chen

How could you explode a liquid in CG? The most intuitive approach is to put a gravity in the center of orange with a negative value. Here we use Phoenix FD Turbulence to agitate the liquid, making it spray out.

Create one Phoenix FD Turbulence in your scene and animate it's size and strength multiplier.

From frame 0 to frame 5, set the value of Multiply from 1500 to 0. Adjust its animation cure as shown above.

From frame 0 to frame 5, increase turbulence size from 5 to 30. Adjust its animation cure as shown above.

Steps per Frame (SPF): Left: SPF = 1; right: SPF = 2. Here you can see how dramatic SPF is affecting liquid mesh. The default value ( SPF = 1) makes the liquid too diffuse.

With appropriate dynamics settings for Phoenix FD liquid simulator, we can create a fruit explosion effect easily.

For step by step tutorial, and to download scene file, please check this official help page.