Creating Fluid Movement with FollowPath in PhoenixFD

by Hammer Chen

For most of Phoenix FD users, you probably aware there is a helper called PathFollow comes from Phoenix FD. It allows your fluid (water or smoke/fire) moving along a spline. But if you leave its parameters as default, there are high chances you get this cucumber shape of water stream:

The key to making your water stream looks realistic is introduce falloff to the FollowPath. To do so, you can also use Phoenix FD 's Force Preview while tweaking the force:

Noted the color difference at the edge of the spline, you see a beautiful red-to-blue transition of that force strength.

Above are my final settings for the FollowPath helper.

To give you more idea, one the left the influence is set to 1.0; one the right influence is set to 0.25

Another critical factor is noise. Put a Phoenix FD Turbulence force in your scene can make a huge difference.
Left: without PhoenixFD Turbulence; Right: with PhoenixFD Turbulence.

This is my settings for the PHXTurbulence:

Settings for Dynamics:

And an overall setup for the scene:

Enjoy and have fun!